"Technologies become obsolete, Relationships do not."

About Hyperlink: Mission Statement

Hyperlink’s culture of support goes beyond simply performing its “contractual” duties, consistently challenging itself and its associates to be a truly remarkable enterprise.

With this understood, HyperLink’s approach to business is to not only be an extraordinary business among wireless businesses, but to be an extraordinary business among all businesses, through a deep commitment to our Vision and Execution.

Most people agree that Communications in general is a good thing. Done well, it relieves frustrations and enhances relationships at many levels, Personally, Professionally, Communally and Globally.

Those who communicate better enjoy a higher quality of life, so we are a Company…

That services its Customer's needs with the reliability and expertise of
a Major Corporation, yet has the friendly, caring attitude of a Small Family Business
Whose purpose is to deliver products and services that enable Enhanced Communications, through:
Increased Professional Productivity, Global Consciousness, Greater Personal Enjoyment, Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind
Who introduces, distributes and supports Technological Developments providing
the Power of Communication, Access to Information, the Excitement of Entertainment
and a Way of Life for Users, while assuring Superior Value
Constantly changing needs, demands understanding of what our Customers want by asking
and listening, and partnering with our Carrier, Vendors and Distribution, ensure that our Dealers are empowered to provide the highest quality Customer experience resulting from the highest quality program
Our hunger and ability to adapt and develop enables us to consistently exceed expectations,
so that we are what we are intentionally, doing what we do in the best possible way,
expressing our self esteem in every detail of our work, every day
We enjoy a great sense of Relationship & Community, Order and Meaning,
without negativity or problems, with only positivity toward our challenges of choice
 In the midst of diversity and adversity we have clear vision,
never letting being the best keep us from getting better
 “Technologies become obsolete, Relationships do not”

All of us at Hyperlink have three levels of mission:

First: To be a contributing member of this healthy work environment. Not just doing the work, but really being conscious of all “the little things” that could bring us nearer to or further from our goals, individually and as a group.

Second: To help our Dealers to grow a healthy business. Which provide homes for their families, food on their tables, savings for their dreams and goals, honoring their individual motivations. Helping Dealers to receive life from their business, in return for their dedication.

Third: To help the World communicate. We’re not splitting atoms nor curing diseases here, but most people agree, that if we all communicated better, the world would be better off. Less misunderstandings, less arguing, less war...So by distributing communications technology we are, generally speaking, doing a good thing.



Our People:  In every action, our staff members express their wish to be recognized in the market place by living their values:

A Team of Cooperative Leaders, Helpful Reliable Efficient & Effective Producers, Courteous, Caring & Positive Professionals, Knowledgeable Capable & Enthusiastically Thorough

o  We set higher standards for our Competitors to aspire to and we are flattered by their “attempts” at imitation

o  Our people take great joy in amazing our Customers

o  We generate a contagious energy, producing consistent and predictable results

o  We recruit new Staff members whose work ethic, values and attitude are congruent within our Company

o  We see complications and frustrations as “opportunities for improvement”

o  We give and receive and are guided by simple, clear direction

o  We reserve the right to make truly unique mistakes

o  We are grateful for our fortunate position, and never lose sight of all of the “little wins” that have propelled us to where we are

o  We value the importance of a balanced life and we...  “Work Hard & Play Hard!”

o  We truly appreciate how difficult it can be to own a retail store. In appreciation of this, we strive in everything we do, to make life easier for our Dealers


Our Customers: We amaze “Customers” at three interrelated levels, and earn their intense loyalty.

#1) Our Carrier’s initiatives, #2) Our Dealers’ initiatives, and #3) our Subscribers’ initiatives are our initiatives.

And we take responsibility for producing results.

o  The “Carrier as our Customer” is our perspective, in that we “sell” them the highest value Subscribers for the revenue that we earn

o  We put our Carrier’s objectives before our own, thereby enjoying healthy alignment with them

o  Carrier feedback is achieved by sustaining healthy working relationships with our central points of contact

o  Our innovative and ever evolving program of enhanced distribution and support services positively and permanently influences our Customers

o  Our Dealer growth & acquisition strategy recognizes two simple avenues: More new relationships and/or: More per-relationship production from existing relationships.  Both rely on clearly defined expectations and quality metrics

o  We seek and service high-value niche markets of end-user demographics and geographics that are best targeted by niche “neighborhood” Dealers i.e.: multi-ethnic groups, age groups, lifestyles, workstyles, etc...

o  Our Dealers enjoy our unique marketing, business building tools and support systems that we deliver consistently with a smile, in-person, over the phone and via our website

o  We inspire each of our Dealers to “plan their work and work their plans” through a well defined system of goal setting & implementation & accountability for results, tied to generous tangible rewards & personal celebrations

o  Our Dealers are well trained and dedicated to consult with subscribers to find and address their “real” needs, earning high marks in Customer Satisfaction and Referral business

o  Our friendly caring assistance from behind the scenes ensures that end-user Subscribers truly perceive and benefit from our Dealers’ expertise & approach & delivery


Our Systems/Operations:

o  Our image is fresh, clean and modern to reflect that of our dynamic technology, with all of the most current technologies available employed in our operation

o  Regarding image, our dress code is “business casual” to reflect the philosophy that people perform their natural best in a comfortable environment, while maintaining respect and professionalism

o  Our systems for doing things here are so carefully spelled out, that no individual task requires any previous experience

o  We innovate, quantify and orchestrate our business, in the best possible way, until innovation improves it again

o  All Staff are expertly educated, from initial orientation, to ongoing retraining, to inter-departmental cross training

o  Promptness and accuracy in our communication, accounting and operations have established our superior reputation in the marketplace

o  Our hours of operation anticipate and accommodate our Dealers’ needs and our Staff is always in sufficient force to facilitate peaks and lulls in activity

o  We communicate at the highest possible levels, through well defined channels, for example…

We never leave a caller on hold for more than a minute.

We don’t “transfer” callers, we “put them through”, and if we must “put them through” we tell the caller’s whole story to the receiver of the call

We end all conversations by saying “Thank you!”

We report full-circle resolutions on issues to all effected parties

We double back later to confirm that all messages we sent are properly received and acted upon, and that the desired results have been achieved

o  We provide a thriving and supportive work environment that allows our new recruits and experienced veterans to reach their maximum potential to best support our thriving clients.

o  Field Sales Staff produce and review progress reports with each other and the Leadership Team via e-mail and live conversation weekly

o  Each department meets one morning each week to discuss what’s working and what can work better

o  Each Employee, and prospective Employee, participates in our “Walk-A-Mile” program to spend a day in an unfamiliar position and shares a written debrief to all Staff.

o  All Staff gather at a breakfast Staff Meeting one morning each month for a round table discussion, rotating topics between personal (values or likes & dislikes) and business (sales & growth or operational initiatives) and training (“sharpening the axe”), with two Staff Meetings per year dedicated exclusively to recreation, one at the winter holiday season and one “off-site” (POOL PARTY) in the warm season

o  Dealer and Staff feedback is solicited by written anonymous annual surveys, as well as live at regional periodic Dealer Roundtable meetings and celebratory gatherings, and Carrier input is cultivated real-time via robust working relationships

o  We celebrate sales milestones by bringing in “Lunch Fiestas” and achievement of significant stretch-targets are celebrated by more elaborate off-site festivities

o  We undertake charitable community service and giving-back, which give ongoing opportunities for all Staff to participate in community Volunteer Days on company time and debrief their experiences in writing to all Staff

o  We donate funds regularly to charitable organizations with a focus on those in need in our community, in honor of our relationships with our Carriers, Manufacturers, Dealers, general Vendors, and our Staff

o  In appreciation for the hard work it takes to be leaders we involve and reward our Staff with a Profit Sharing program clearly tied to our current objectives, we sponsor a retirement account program with company contribution of matching funds, and “Well Days” (personal days) are encouraged to be used proactively, for “recharging”

o  We strive to “Keep It Simple”

“Helping the World Communicate Since 1981”