About Hyperlink: Dealer Testimonials

~"Hyperlink is an oasis in the wireless desert. When our company grows up, we hope it will be just like Hyperlink"

~"I love the genuine feeling of interest in my business and the friendly atmosphere, rather it be while ordering phones, asking questions, or even chatting with the owner; everyone seems as vested in my business and its success as I am."

~"I feel like I am part of a family, rather than just money to Hyperlink. Pretty much anything I need to help my business, Hyperlink helps me with, with no reservations."

~"What we love about Hyperlink is their Customer Support and their people!"

~"Hyperlink cares about their Customers, listens to their Customers, is always trying to do the best for their Customers, and they are always improving."

~"Everyone at Hyperlink honestly wants to help me, with professionalism and follow up."

~"Hyperlink is very professional, easy to work with, very friendly and responsible."

~"No matter what the problem is, you guys get it fixed for me. Thanks for that."

~"I love you guys, especially Janet. She is the sweetest person in the world and makes it my pleasure to do business with your company."

~"Hyperlink are great communicators."

~"My personal dealings with Hyperlink date back 20 years with David and Lucy, and over the years I have developed special relationships with several people there: Anette, Angela, Janet, Sue, Mickie, Jessica, Lauren, Egan! We've been through weddings, births, business changes. It's like having an extended family."

~"I love the wealth of information and email updates that Hyperlink provides to help me help my Customers."

~"Hyperlink is prompt and hassle-free to deal with, and their staff is very helpful."

~"One of the things we love about Hyperlink is that their staff is AWESOME. They are all about their Customers and making sure we have everything we need."

~"I wanted to take the time and congratulate you and your staff for being a great team! The people at Hyperlink have always been an absolute support to our business and continue to do so..... The team at New Wireless Tech, Inc and also LAX Communications hopes that there will always be that professional and outstanding business relation, that we have had in our six years of business. I personally want to thank Janet, Solangie, Timo, Tom and all of the others that I have not met or spoke to, but know that they also make it happen for us! Much success and always looking forward in doing business with you."

~“I wanted to commend Hyperlink for the great job it is doing as a Master Dealer. Everyone there does a superb job in helping us out!”

~You guys are great! I’ve never had a Master Dealer take care of our concerns with such efficiency and care. Although I didn’t get the answer I wanted to hear from the Carrier, I still appreciate you getting on the ball so quickly and getting back to me on this. It feels good to have Hyperlink at my finger tips.”

~“The process I utilize for absorbing the information I receive via email every day, has helped to enhance my knowledge, which benefits myself and the entire team at Best Value Wireless. As soon as I receive an email, I print, date and pack them in my bag to take them on my ninety minute commute every night. On my train ride, I highlight the important points. In the morning on my way back, I re-read the highlighted points and share with my team when I get to the store. All the information we receive daily regarding commission, promotions, & rebates etc., helps me get through the month smoothly. Thank you for the emails, they are one of the best communication methods and most importantly they keep our organization ahead of the competition.”

~“You guys are the BEST in the business and our success is due in a large part to that!!!”

~“Everyone at Hyperlink goes above and beyond for us – I always feel like when I ask, I get 110%.”

~“Overall I have found Hyperlink to be awesome, on time, accurate and courteous!”

~“The Hyperlink team has demonstrated that they understand what it means to deliver Service Excellence.”

~“Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your fast service!!! Thanks a million!!! Your guys are #1!!!”

~“As brothers in business together, we appreciate the Family concept, therefore it is a special feeling to be considered part of your extended family!”

~“I feel I am more educated then most people in this business because of your programs, and look forward to future training programs!”

~“…I wanted to complement everyone on your staff that I’ve personally dealt with for their knowledge and professionalism. They are proof positive of your ability to select excellent service and customer oriented personnel.”

~“…Most of all I wanted to thank you for the promptness with which you handled this transaction. I really appreciate everything you did for me. Service is very important in this day and time, and you really came through in a pinch.”

~“…It is extremely refreshing to deal with a company that is more anxious to do business…They service our needs with the reliability and expertise of a large corporation, yet have the friendly, caring attitude of a small family business. This is highly commendable.”

~Anette & Lauren - Thanks for the informative training on the Sprint / Nextel new world order…Obviously, you have your work cut out for you, as there are a lot of questions out there. Even with all of that, you guys were able to put together a very well-rounded training session. Kudos to you !!!

~Just a few words to throw your way..."You guys are the BEST!" Please pass my message and a sincere THANK YOU to everyone at Hyperlink for their support and patience that they have shown us through this "weird" and "confusing" merger with Sprint and Nextel. Yes, I did call about a million times and yes everyone at Sales Support, Equipment, Accounting and at Hyperlink as a whole helped us pull it through. I knew things regarding the policies and procedures that our competitors were not yet aware of. I actually had guys from other stores calling me for answers, now that's impressive!