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Boost Retailer Care Boost Retailer Care Retailer Support for all Boost Mobile transactions available 7:00am to 11:00pm! (855) 332-5375
Epay Customer Care Epay Customer Care 24/7 Customer Service for your Epay Prepaid Refill System! (800) 983-9385
Boost Elevate Retailer Care Boost Elevate Retailer Care Retailer Support for Boost Elevate available 8:00am to 1:00am! (212) 742-2316
Outside Sales Support Team
Alex Silva Alex Silva Outside Sales Support - Staten Island NY, Central/Southern NJ, PA
(973) 874-6068
Luis Pelaez Luis Pelaez Outside Sales Support - Northern NJ, Rockland NY
(201) 208-8168
Faith Gourchane Faith Gourchane Outside Sales Support - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, South Bronx 
(347) 334-0047
Leo Corona Leo Corona Outside Sales Support - CT, Westchester & Hudson Valley, North Bronx (914) 236-8631
Paul Anderson Paul Anderson
Outside Sales Support - New England, Upstate NY (617) 756-0244
Dean Kim Dean Kim
Outside Sales Support - MD, DE, DC, Southern & Western VA (703) 239-3326
Jose Sella Jose Sella Local Marketing Program Manager (914) 237-4040, x611 
Timo Saareste Timo Saareste Store Buildout & Renovation, Construction & Signage & Swag Program Manager  (914) 237-4040, x607
Hyperlink Inside Sales Support Team Inside Sales Support Team Retailer Operations Support   (914) 237-4040, x1 
Accounting Team Accounting Team Epay Refill Support, Invoicing, Commissions, Deposits or General Accounting Reconciliation
(914) 237-4040, x2 
Equipment Warehouse Team Equipment Warehouse Team Purchase Orders, Inventory Inquiries & Returns
(914) 237-4040, x3
Leadership Team
David Simkins David Simkins President/Janitor
(914) 237-4040, x222
Lucy Simkins Lucy Simkins CFO
(914) 237-4040, x202
Tracy Keegan Tracy Keegan Director of Operations
(914) 237-4040, x235
Sue Dipanfilo Sue DiPanfilo Accounting Manager
(914) 237-4040, x225
Mike Ferrara Suzi Gaita
Director of Sales Support Operations
(914) 237-4040, x601
Egan Leis Egan Leis Equipment Manager
(914) 237-4040, x404
Mike Ferrara Mike Ferrara Director of Smart Growth Program
(914) 486-3376